How to perform iPhone Picture Recovery with iTunes?

The iPhone and The iTunes, both are the products of Apple Inc that are designed to work simultaneously with each other. The iTunes application is used to install on any of the computer platforms such as Mac, windows, etc, and is accessible to any of the popular iPhone models like iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, etc. This program is helpful in managing files, softwares, contacts, etc between the iPhone and the computer. Therefore the computer must be connected with the iPhone via the dock connector to USB cable accessory. Following are the ways to connect iPhones to the computer through iTunes :-

  • Download iTunes and install it into your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Plug the dock connector accessory into the iPhone, then plug the other end of the cable in to the USB port of the computer
  • Complete the setup instructions and customize the settings. Specify the type of files you intended to sync and if intended the iPhone to automatically sync when it is connected. So, if you are looking for easy recovery Sync from backup then iTune is best choice for you.

Its a recommendation to every iPhone users to synchronize your iPhone to iTunes regularly to avoid any data loss situation. If you have lost your pictures from iPhones then perform the iPhone picture recovery via iTunes. It is very easy to do. Following are the instructions to perform iPhone picture recovery with iTunes.But certain problems are associated with this application. It creates backup process very slowly and sometimes it fails the complete backup process. So, in order to keep the backup of iPhone files, the better option for you is to use easy iPhone Picture Recovery.This backup software overcome with all the problems of iTunes application. Best file recovery software iPhone Picture Recovery recover messages, image files etc. So, without wasting your time, use this great utility to overcome with all iPhone 4 files related problems.


  • Switch to iTunes software on your Mac or Windows

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer through the USB cable just as you would to sync it generally

  • Locate the iPhone in the “Devices” column at the left of the iTunes software window

  • Right click on the iPhone icon and select the “Restore From Backup” option. Select any of the backup version from the drop-down menu and click on “Restore” button. This will restore any pictures that you have lost since last sync in iTunes

  • Finally eject your iPhone from the computer

To perform iPhone picture recovery with iTunes are much easy to perform in order to recover lost iPhone picture files. The above instruction can be very helpful to the every iPhone user. It doesn't matter that he/she is using different iPhone models which are popular in the market like iPhone 3g, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, etc. Matter is to sync it regularly with iTunes installed on the computer, to be protected from any loss conditions.

User Guide for Windows : Know How To Use Software

When you want to recover data from iOS devices


First of all, connect iPhone to system and then you need to follow few steps to enter in
DFU mode to entirely scan lost data. Just follow the steps discussed in the interface to
enter DFU mode.


You will find complete preview of the files found on the device. Select those you want to
recover and finally click on Recover button.

When you need to recover iPhone pictures from iTunes backup file


At first, you need to select the iTunes backup file to start scan process.


All the photos, videos and other data are seen in preview mode, just select them and finally make
a click on Recover button.