How To Do Recovery of iPhone Picture Files?

iPhone is bundled with 3g technologies which makes it a very popular device and so it is used on a large masses. It is implemented with many advanced features which lets the users to get surpassed functionality and reliability. As it is also equipped with a high quality camera, it is used by most of the people to capture superb quality pictures and videos. This device is entirely in-comparable to other smart-phones available in the market.

These captured photos are stored on its set in hard-disks, so that if at any point an issue strikes the iPhone, all these pictures could be lost or become inaccessible. To avoid those conditions to come in the future trends, it is required to create backup of the pictures and store the backup files at multiple places. If else needed an iPhone picture recovery software installed on the computer. These software are free to run on any platforms such as Windows, Mac etc. Apart from this, you can also use iTune application to restore iPhone backup. But sometimes, it fails in complete backup of files in iPhone, which may lead to the data loss situation. At this situation you can go for iPhone picture recovery software.

These software’s can be used for any of the version of iPhones like iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, etc. but it is better to avoid those situations via using backup files simply. But unfortunately the user of iPhones meet those situations, following are the instructions which they should pace through :-

If you have any backup which you have recently created, use it to restore the lost iPhone picture files. Else move to next instruction


  • Download a trustworthy picture recovery software, that can help you to perform iPhone picture files recovery

  • Install the downloaded tool to your Mac and Windows

  • Now its a time to connect the iPhone to your computer system. The installed tool will automatically detect the iPhone

  • If the iPhone is not detected automatically, then you need to navigate to the iPhone inside the application

  • As the iPhone is detected, select the memory of the iPhone where the lost or inaccessible files are located. Select the files and perform the recovery option by a click on “Recover button”

  • After the process of iPhone picture files recovery, you are ready with the pictures on your iPhone. You may also be prompted to restore the pictures in your computer via setting the destination folder before starting the recovery process.

Although recovery of the iPhone picture files through a software is easy, but better option is to keep backup of all these pictures at multiple places, that can be used in the data loss condition. Because being prepared for any situation is worth than curing the situations and know more about sync Photo Recovery.

User Guide for Windows : Know How To Use Software


Connect iPhone to system after installing the iphone photo recovery software. The software will automatically detect it and will show the list of file from the iPhone.


Choose the files you want to take backup and click on export button.


After you click Export button, the under given window will pop up, you can choose either backup to computer or iTunes directly. You can set the output folder at Advanced->Options before you transfer


When backup is finished a window will pop up displaying message as 'export finished after which you can see it from the location stored in.